Knowing your target audience is absolutely essential to having success on LinkedIn. Before we start a campaign, we tell our clients to ask themselves this incredibly important question:Who are your ideal clients on LinkedIn and what are the main challenges of your target audience?

As it is often said, if you try to market to everyone, then you market to no one. It is incredibly important that your profile and conversations are completely focused on the client. If you show that you want to know their problems and that you can offer a solution to those problems then you will be able to connect with them in a meaningful way.

To help you try to figure out your ideal clients' problems and challenges, you need to think about the conversations you've had with them. Here are some questions to ask yourself to better understand your audience:

  • What is the problem they are facing?
  • How is that problem impacting their business?
  • What is the worst-case scenario they are facing?
  • What will go wrong/they lose if they don't solve the problem?
  • What has kept them from finding a solution?

If you can spend some time really thinking about your clients and what it is THEY want and what their thought process is, then you will be ahead of 99% of the other professionals in your industry looking for potential clients on LinkedIn. In order for you to stand out you are going to need to differentiate yourself from the rest and really thinking about those questions will help you do that!