A majority of LinkedIn's users create accounts with the same common goal of expanding their business and engaging in professional conversations with potential customers. One way, and perhaps the best way to start those conversations is to reach out via LinkedIn Inmails. Inmails is essentially another version of LinkedIn messaging except you may reach out to people that are not yet in your network, meaning they have not accepted a connection request from you.

Inmails are located under the Sales Navigator portion of your LinkedIn account, and what some people may or may not know is that the targeted messages you'll be sending out to these potential customers comes with a price. It costs roughly $80 per month to use all of Sales Navigator's enhanced tools, including Inmails. Unfortunately, that $80 does not give you unlimited Inmail reach outs every month, it actually only allows you to send around 20, which is not nearly enough for someone trying to reach out to a surplus of their target audience every month.

What PowerConnector Can Do

PowerConnector gets the most out of all the tools LinkedIn has to offer, especially Sales Navigator Inmails.

It is critical these days to be able to virtually reach out to as many people as possible and to be as precise as possible as to who you reach out to at the same time. Of course you could precisely reach out to 20 people per month on your own with personalized Inmails, but why not do more? Power Connector's advanced software is able to exhaust Sales Navigator to its full capacity and reach out to far more than 20 people per month. Our system is able to send out 800 Inmails per month, yes, 800, all while staying within LinkedIn's guidelines.

Now you may be thinking, why pay for Sales Navigator and not try to reach out to people via normal messenger? Well, you can, but Sales Navigator Inmails are built to allow you to reach a targeted audience rather than random business owners/employees.

Take The Next Step

In conclusion, the easy answer to "is Sales Nav worth it?" is yes. It gives you access to a lead builder tool, lead recommendations, real time perception on existing accounts and with our system, 800 Inmails as well. Those 800 Inmails go a long way when they are all being sent to the right people.