PowerConnector has helped over 6,000 businesses.

Since 2015, the proven PowerConnector system has already helped over 6,000 businesses large and small to connect with fresh prospects and rapidly uncover new opportunities. PowerConnector B2B lead generation takes advantage of the rich LinkedIn database to help you establish warm connections with exclusive, untapped leads fast.

Seriously exclusive leads.

  • People you can connect directly with via your own LinkedIn connection network
  • They didn't come from a mass mailing list
  • They haven't been generated out of a lead farm
  • These leads are specific to you and your search criteria
  • PowerConnector reaches them before anyone else

Why LinkedIn?

As an independent certified LinkedIn Marketing Agency/Partner, PowerConnector software has been exclusively developed to work with the LinkedIn platform. Since its inception, LinkedIn has risen to the top as the global standard for professional connections.

Nearly every decision-maker you'd want to reach is there, from any industry in the world. In fact, at least 40% of LinkedIn subscribers use the site daily - and that probably includes you, too. Our proprietary software is optimized to take advantage of the hidden stores of data and connections to produce specific results for each of our clients.

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