With our Basic Package you get:

  • A Fully Optimized, Engaging LinkedIn Lead Builder (LI) Profile – Your Online Salesman.
    • Profile Health Check and Review
    • Basic Photo and Banner Work
    • Headline Content (Who What Where How?)
    • Engaging Summary with a Clear Call To Action
    • Anything else that needs to be done to make your profile look like you are THE ONE to go to in your industry. A key factor in linkedin b2b marketing strategy.
  • Two Hour Consultation
    • This is to build a relationship and gather important information and data such as: your preferred audience to target, locations you want to grab clients from, selling points, what sets you apart, and any other content required for your Profile, Messages, and linkedin b2b lead generation.
  • Build the Message Scripts with you for Every Scenario we will need - These are done by Professional Content Creators and Storytellers at Power To Be Found.
    • Connection Request/Join My Network Message
    • Thank You / Welcome to My Network Message
    • Follow-Up Messages Monday through Friday (these are days after a connection is made)
    • 7, 21, 35, 63
  • Set the Criteria to Build the Perfect Target List for both Your Connection Requests and Messaging
  • Setup of your PowerConnector Account (10 - 15 hours setup)
    • Testing Suggested Searches to Pinpoint Target Audience
    • Loading Your Target Audience Once Tested
    • Loading All Messages
  • 100 Connection Requests Per Day (Monday – Friday)
  • Update Your Do Not Message (DNM) List Daily
    • This is extremely important for lead generation through linkedin when it comes to maintaining credibility and not getting flagged for spam. You are going to get people who tell you not to message them or to go away. We will make sure anybody who falls under this category automatically gets placed on the DNM list through our linkedin lead generation software.
  • Provide access to on-going Lead Sheets updated on a regular basis
    • We build and update your lead sheet with our linkedin lead extractor ready for you to close the deals
  • Inbox Tidy Up - cleaning out your LinkedIn Inbox on a Daily Basis
Free Consultation


  • Video (with Script)
  • Additional Connection Requests – 50 Per Day (Monday – Friday)
  • Additional Follow up Messages up to 6
    • 7, 14, 28, 42, 56, 91 (suggested)
  • Messaging Existing Connections
  • Assisted Setting up Calendly for you to Automate Appointments we will provide a smarter URL – eg
  • Profile Viewer Message - send out a message once a week to anybody who viewed your profile during that timeframe
  • InMail Messages
    • Up to 40 InMails per day (Monday – Friday)
    • Note : LinkedIn charges $10/InMail over the 20 you are granted each month. However, through our platform you get nearly 800 InMails a month included in the price of the package with the linkedin lead generation service (This feature alone gives you 5 times the value of what your monthly fee for the package would be!!)
  • Gathering data on all the email addresses, phone numbers, and Twitter handles of people in professions you want to directly contact (number varies depending on daily touches).
  • PTBF Posting Daily to LinkedIn and Facebook on your behalf – increasing views of profile.
  • Deluxe Profile Banner – all Profiles come with Adequate Banners. This is for something special which will require additional work.
  • A further option to Tidy up Connections based on Criteria discussed with you the Customer – for instance the Removal of Connections of People from a Specific Industry etc.
Why You Need LinkedIn B2B Lead Generation

With modern corporate social networking, no one beats LinkedIn. Now Microsoft owned, it facilitates virtual networking and provides a safe space for many business people to meet across the globe. LinkedIn enables Business to Business (B2B) companies to share videos, company information, and content almost instantly without needing to be in the same vicinity. It's actively part of the new digital B2B consumer's purchase decision journey.

Many B2B enterprises nowadays have some kind of social media marketing strategy, but aren't using it to its full potential, in steps a LinkedIn b2b marketing strategy. On average B2B companies use up to six social media platforms with majority of their time spent on lead generation through LinkedIn. It's no surprise as many professionals cite it as the more effective social site for lead generation in comparison to Facebook, Reddit and Twitter.

While most LinkedIn members are smartphone users aged between 30-45yrs, it's regarded the least personal' and most formal of the social networks. With a totally professional vibe, people don't normally post crazy' photos and comments. Many serious B2B professionals use LinkedIn to majorly network, develop themselves as professionals, acquire referrals, show off expertise, and secure new leads. LinkedIn generates revenue from advertising and charging membership fees for premium products but also through its talent recruiting solutions.

What are the Major Service Offerings of LinkedIn?

Being the largest professional network in the world, LinkedIn has some pretty cool service facilitators in addition to its features such as:

Its inbuilt mailer allows you to contact any user of LinkedIn. Logged in users can message each other whether on the free or premium version.

it's the publisher of LinkedIn which allows content and news to appear on the newsfeed of profiles.
it's a LinkedIn learning platform with tutorials and learning paths

used to share presentations, videos and graphics about products. B2B professionals can share their presentations from SlideShare onto LinkedIn.

Which businesses do well on LinkedIn?

With over 450 million users, many B2B companies and LinkedIn marketing services are making a killing on LinkedIn. This is no impossible feat with a well-crafted LinkedIn B2B marketing strategy and optimized company profile, any business can do well on this platform. Though examples of businesses that do well on LinkedIn are: B2B Sales & Marketing, I.T business vendors, legal firms, technology traders, Real estate, Business insurance and Business banking. The list clearly goes on.

Why Is A LinkedIn B2B Marketing Strategy Relevant To Your B2B Business?

The answer is simple, LinkedIn B2B lead generation! If you're looking for B2B leads for your sales force, LinkedIn is a great place to start. LinkedIn is one of very few marketplaces where B2B buyers are willing to engage with B2B vendors early in their purchase decision process. A LinkedIn company page gets potential B2B customers to take your enterprise seriously.

The beauty is that you'll always keep contact as LinkedIn contacts always stay up to date, whether you move from one company/location to another. LinkedIn also contains a lot more information about companies and this can guide your pitch strategy. You can use this information to start conversations which can get you a great B2B sales. Advertising, starting groups and communities, is all possible on LinkedIn replacing offline events like trade shows and conferences.

It has a brilliant ability to facilitate easy B2B prospecting. This is all by recommendations, connections and referrals features which facilitate introduction to potential business partners or new leads. Lead generation through LinkedIn is also easier with its brand education features and product awareness tools.

Here are some of the extra cool features that can help you better understand why you need LinkedIn for B2B Lead Generation:

The LinkedIn Company Page

Similar to a Facebook company page, LinkedIn allows B2B companies to have company pages (though you need a verified company email). This gives you a brand identity and shares public information about your Company adding to your search engine visibility (SEO).company page allows you to showcase individual B2B products in addition to company news, video and articles related to your industry. You can relay your SlideShare presentations and infographics. This is a valuable tool in LinkedIn lead generation.

Pages can also be designed to better promote B2B individual brands which are extensions of your company. Sometimes referred to as showcase Pages, they were specifically designed for B2B vendors to generate more leads. It targets one specific customer segment and provides information relevant to them. This can be found when you click on the company profile, proceed to select rate a Showcase Page'. Brilliant for lead generation through LinkedIn!

LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn in addition to allowing you participate in groups, allows you to create your own. These groups allow you prep your LinkedIn leads more directly. You can post updates, articles, and helpful resources like tip sheets, templates and survey results. Building a B2B community which can enable lead generation through LinkedIn is what it's all about. Within groups you can later send messages to group members without having to upgrade to a premium account and develop your leads better.

Is There Any SEO On LinkedIn?

Yes Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important on LinkedIn. Its inbuilt algorithm crawls the titles of your posts, your profiles and groups to rank you and make you visible in searches. The search algorithm queries and displays results in this order: 100% Profile Completeness, Shared Connections in Common and by degree, Groups in Common. Its why many advise you to never leave any LinkedIn field blank!

Good SEO within LinkedIn can accelerate your lead generation and conversion efforts. Remember prospects and potential LinkedIn leads are searching for videos, blogs and real-time discussions.Its search engine algorithms is there for tied to relevant content and keywords. So keyword placement in blogs, presentations, reports and, presentations can go a long way.

Advanced Searches and Upgrades

Upgraded premium accounts allow you much more access to features that can significantly increase LinkedIn lead generation campaign output. Advanced searches are a powerful too as you can search for leads by location, industry, language and even the company they're now working for. After identifying them, you can connect with them directly or see for shared connections for an introduction.

This is perfect for Account-based marketing where LinkedIn marketing services start a campaign with a list of qualified target accounts and base their LinkedIn lead efforts around reaching the right personas within those target accounts. More like a LinkedIn lead builder!

LinkedIn Lead Extractor

Part of what makes LinkedIn B2B lead generation simpler is tools like lead extractors. One example of a LinkedIn lead extractor is an email extractor that allows you to find emails of potential leads on LinkedIn. It finds emails from a LinkedIn profile page and extracts them. These normally work with the LinkedIn Lead Builder. This helps you find the right leads quickly and easily with premium search filters by function, geographical location, etc. Each search can be saved for future hence every time someone new fits your intended search criteria LinkedIn will send you an email alerting you to new prospects.

LinkedIn Lead generation software.

Several types of support software are available to facilitate lead generation through LinkedIn. Most are chrome plugins and extensions while some are standalone Software. With various functions, some can visit the profiles of potential prospects and collect relevant actionable information while some simulate user interactions automatically and some increase your profile rank. Some allow you to send unlimited messages to any group members, others collect and analyze data in your CRM database helping you measure your ROI! Their main aim is to effectively and ultimately generate new B2B LinkedIn leads and instantly drive more sales.

Which Factors Affect Profitability in B2B marketing?

Several factors affect the profitability of B2B marketing strategies like Lead Quality, Lead Quantity, Cost per Lead and Cost per Sale. If your B2B strategy isn't making the intended returns in comparison to these factors, what next? Is this cost per sale low enough? Are the leads convertible? Tested by many B2B professionals, the proven solution is lead generation through LinkedIn!

How Do LinkedIn Marketing Services Measure Success Of A B2B Campaign?

Considering Return on Investment is key for anyone desiring mature and measurable LinkedIn leads. A LinkedIn marketing agency will rely on the estimated value of qualified leads generated by your marketing campaign to calculate ROI. It will consider several key performance indicators (KPI's) using software for customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing automation software. This may include clicks to your website, increasing attention on LinkedIn, engagement, cost per sale, source of leads etc. All with the aim of increasing your income and reducing costs, revenue-based optimization for ROI!

When Considering a LinkedIn B2B marketing strategy, What Should My Goals Be?

Many users and LinkedIn marketing services have varying goals when on the professional network like:

·Increasing number of convertible leads

·Relationship building and credibility

·Increasing B2B lead quality

·B2B Branding and positioning

·Market research purposes

But as you embark on this journey with your LinkedIn marketing agency, you need to ascertain what your objectives are? Who your target audience is? What problems do they have that we can solve? How are we unique from our B2B competitors? What content will we use to help move our leads through their decision-making process? Who will be involved in our LinkedIn lead generation program? How will we measure success?

What Factors Should I Consider In LinkedIn B2B Lead Generation?

In the initial stages of building your LinkedIn B2B campaign and presence certain tips should be taken seriously. Like investing time building your profile and adding content, group engagement, committed sharing, commenting or liking on daily. Otherwise the factors below can help:

·Consistency is critical. No one will take you seriously if you're inconsistent

·SEO integration is critically essential.

·Publishing industry B2B blog posts to LinkedIn Pulse.

·Have rich content for your B2B prospects to find.

·Increase your connections and recommendations.

·Create Your Own LinkedIn Group establish thought leadership.

·Joining multiple relevant groups and participating actively.

·Incorporating other forms Social Media.

·Leverage on smart B2B promotions, demos and free trials.

LinkedIn has so many possibilities if used correctly. In addition SEO can't be forgotten. Always endeavor to finish Your Profile and Keyword optimize Your Titles, job descriptions with relevant keywords. Be sure to maximize your group membership and expand your Network and connections. And lastly customizing your LinkedIn URL will allow you to be found easily by real-life connections and leads.

How Do I Generate LinkedIn Leads?

The best lead generation techniques you can use or your LinkedIn marketing agency uses can be summarized simply. Sharing unique content and insights to your targeted audience, LinkedIn SEO, Sharing of industry articles, creation of blogs, creation of groups, thought leadership, LinkedIn lead extraction techniques and special LinkedIn lead generation services.

Common Mistakes Users Make On LinkedIn which limit lead generation:

Lead generation through LinkedIn can be exciting and fulfilling. But it can stall at times. This is because while deploying a LinkedIn B2B strategy, some mistakes can be made. And there some mistakes you can't make if desiring optimum LinkedIn B2B lead generation.

Users treating LinkedIn Just Like Facebook

Sending of multiple spammy' messages

Forgetting to work toward taking discussions offline (No complex B2B product sale or deal is actually going to be finished on LinkedIn)

Incomplete or Resume-Based Profiles which affect SEO poorly

Joining the wrong groups and Misusing groups

Openly acting like a generic Salesman which makes potential leads uncomfortable.

Being Impatient and rushing the lead prospect

Simple brand maintenance like getting the name out there, having a presence, being responsive to prospect requests isn't good enough. You need to take it up a notch if you desire B2B leads and a good return on investment. Having a LinkedIn account for your law firm or corporate consultancy is a matter of life and death in this digital world. The B2B purchase decision process is a journey that can vary based on with B2B business but a LinkedIn marketing agency can make sense of your strategy and objectives.

Brand maintenance is now cliche, and simply it isn't enough. You need LinkedIn marketing services. A lot of work goes into the perfect LinkedIn campaign as profiles must be updated and polished, content collected or created, research needed to identify the best potential new leads and clients and calls to action messages carefully crafted. With proprietary tools and lead generation software which facilitates LinkedIn lead extraction, a LinkedIn lead generation service could be the silver bullet you were looking for B2B lead generation!