Benefits Starter Connector Power User

The primary driver of the PowerConnector system is making connections on LinkedIn. Choose a package that includes a quantity that meets your needs.

100 100 200

PowerConnector increases your standard InMail limit to reach out directly to more connections.

25 75 150

Daily automated sequence continues to message new contacts until they respond.

Tracks leads in real time, updates continuously as connections are made.

We work with you to evaluate your LinkedIn profile strength and make suggestions for improvement.

Two-hour startup session with a PowerConnector strategist to identify goals and guide you through the entire system, step by step.

Use our proven scripts, or we'll help you craft custom messaging for each of your touchpoints.

We're here for you whenever you have a question.

Once PowerConnector gets cranking, your Inbox will be busy. We ensure your productivity by cleaning up your Inbox daily, keeping only the most relevant leads.

Too busy to deal with all the leads generated by PowerConnector? We can handle the follow-up process for you.

We can provide PowerConnector data in most of the standard CRM formats, such as HubSpot, Salesforce and more.

Access to your Account Manager anytime, through email or a scheduled phone call.

Every two weeks, you will have a scheduled session with your Dedicated Account Manager. We won't leave you alone unless you want us to!

Expand your LinkedIn presence with multiple, targeted account profiles.

We reach out to companies looking for content in your area of specialty and encourage them to contact you for interviews, podcasts, articles and more.

How to
Get Started

Choose one of our standard packages above or ask us to customize features especially for your business. Your success and ROI is only limited by your ability to follow up with the leads you'll get!

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