Making connections on LinkedIn obviously plays an integral role in growing your network, but only if you make connections the right way. A common mistake with people just getting started on LinkedIn is that they go for gold right off the bat, and fire off connection request after connection request without first checking to see if any of those people are, or will be of value to them.

The main objective here is to be sure to start your LinkedIn journey by connecting with people that are in your industry, and can be of value in some way, whether that be as a potential client or potential business partner.

Here's what you can do to make sure your searchesand connections are relevant to your core business values:

  • Type in the search bar what job occupations you are looking for, or people with those occupations that you want to connect with. For example if you sell dental equipment and are looking for dentists to connect with, you would simply type "dentists" in the search bar.
  • Use the advanced search tool. If you are on a more specific search for potential clients in certain areas, or certain seniority in their career, you can simply just press the "filter" tab near the search bar. This tab will take you to a drop down where you can filter people by location, occupation, companies, industries, etc.
  • Invest in Sales Navigator! Sales Navigator is full of untapped potential that you may not be able to find on your normal LinkedIn page. It is a sales tool made for sales reps to tap into LinkedIn's massive network more precisely and ultimately land them deals at a more effective rate.

All in all, the whole point that we are trying to get to here is that it is extremely important to not blind send connections out to random people, but to instead use all of LinkedIn's advanced search tools to connect with only people that serve some kind of value to you and your business model. A network of 1,000 quality connections is much more valuable than a network of 10,000 connections with people that are not involved with your industry!

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