Unlike the posts in the previous article, these types of posts can strengthen your authority within your network, create a lot more engagement, keep you top of mind in the industry, and enhance your overall personal brand.

1. Timely & Relevant Posts

There is no better way to create a conversation with your connections and increase engagement than to post on timely and relevant topics that are relevant to your network.

You will want to include your insights and perspective as additional commentary to the post. Your connections will probably see some similar content to what you post, but your opinion is what is going to make it truly unique.

2. Conversation Inspiring Posts

Even though you want to avoid negative, non-business-related topics, it can be good to post on topics that will inspire productive debate on critical issues in your industry or the business world.

It is important to note that the content and the way you present it should be thoughtful and inspire productive conversation rather than emotionally heated debates.

3. Professional Changes or Wins Posts

Sharing relevant professional or work-related wins and changes is a great way to add a bit of yourself into your LinkedIn status updates.

If you want people to get to know you better professionally, then this is a must. Just make sure you don't post about this type of news too often.

4. Personal Touch Posts

This is something you rarely want to do. However, when this is done right, it can be beneficial to share something more personal with your connections.

It can be related to a cause you believe in, a philanthropic project, a personal lesson you learned, or a story that is relatable to others. Just don't make it controversial!