With LinkedIn being such a large business social media network, it is imperative to have guidelines that you follow while trying to build your business. Let's touch base on what to do and what not to do within LinkedIn.

Listed below will be a few things you DO want to do within LinkedIn:

  • Connect with individuals that could be of value to your business.
  • Have a profile that stands out.
  • Respond to messages as quick as possible.
  • Endorse your skills.
  • Show connections that you are interested in what they have to offer.
  • Share articles you like and that may interest your followers/connections.
  • Update your profile picture often to show you are active.
  • Have an open mind, you never know what someone has to offer.
  • Send a welcome message to new connections.
  • Remain professional.

Next, are a few examples of things you DON'T want to do within LinkedIn:

  • Burn bridges with connections that you learn are not interested in your business model.
  • Blind connect with people that you have no idea what they do.
  • Spam connections with unwanted messages about your product.
  • Ignore connection requests because you do not know the person.
  • Miss out on opportunities that aren't relevant at the moment, you never know if you'll want to circle back later.
  • Worry about your connection count, remember quality over quantity.
  • Expect people to network like you - people may not check their LinkedIn daily.
  • Be rude to people that introduce their product to you, they have the same goal as you.
  • Provide negative thoughts on articles published by other people.

Remember, LinkedIn is full of people that all will ask themselves the same question before making any decisions on replying to you or even accepting connection requests, "What's in it for me?". The main goal when it comes to LinkedIn marketing is being able to provide undeniable value that shows why someone would want to be connected with you. All in all, be professional, and make sure everything or everyone in your network brings some kind of value to you and your business model.