Coronavirus has hit the real world, as well as the business world, in awful ways. Businesses have had to postpone services, paychecks have been a struggle to pay off, and people have lost their jobs.

As we fight this pandemic, we have to remain uplifting not only to our friends and family, but colleagues and clients as well. Below I will offer a few ways to try and keep your feet wet with potential clients, and current clients, throughout your LinkedIn network.

Continue To Communicate

Although business may take a backseat to the real world issues going on, you must try and find ways to keep your business afloat, and communicate with people. Some of your connections may not be checking their LinkedIn profiles as often as they once had, but continue to give the due diligence of reaching out.

Be Positive

Even though some people may not be checking their LinkedIn as often as they have, continue to reach out to those that are checking, in a positive way. The last thing people want to talk about on LinkedIn is this pandemic, and the horrible things it has caused. Spread positivity to your connections, and perhaps spark business opportunities at the same time.


Growing your network is going to be hard at this time, but is still not out of reach. You may lose connections, but you may also add connections as well. One thing you must do is try and maintain what you already have. Keep up to date with posts and articles made by your connections, and let them know that you are still here.


Of course, the effects of Coronavirus have taken a toll on a majority of businesses. The best thing you can do right now is understand. Connections may let you know they have to postpone any further business conversation until this passes, understand where they are coming from. Although some people may be just fine during this pandemic, remember not everybody will be able to get through this the same way you are.