It is important to remember that LinkedIn is a social platform for businesses and professionals. It is a professional space, much like your office where you have current and potential clients meet you. You wouldn't share something inappropriate in that space, so why would you do it on LinkedIn? Here are some things you should avoid doing on LinkedIn:

1. Controversial Posts

You would think would be obvious, but it needs to be said. LinkedIn is full of potential clients, current clients, and industry peers... so it would be a good idea to avoid topics that tend to polarize people, especially controversial ones with a negative implication. This is just not the platform for these kinds of discussions.

2. Political or Religious Posts

These are the two topics that people generally feel the most passionate about. Just like with controversial topics, these types of posts tend to see people be strictly in one camp or the other. Commenting or posting on these subjects will most likely lead to your connections taking offense if you believe differently than they do. This will never benefit you.

3. Oversharing

Most of those who use LinkedIn on a daily basis would say that the thing that turns them off the most is the person who posts 10 times a day. If you are doing that... stop immediately. You really should never share more than once a day and you should only share things that are relevant. Posting information just to post it will absolutely kill your following. With so much noise out there in today's market, it is important that when you share something, it is relevant.

4. Inappropriate Personal Posts

While it is important to be social, you need to remember to be social AND professional at the same time on LinkedIn. No one wants to hear see Family Guy memes, pictures of you and friends drunk or GIFs referencing your ex!