The main reason you made a LinkedIn profile was to reach out to other business-savvy individuals that may share the same interests as you, and perhaps, engage in business with them. In order for that to happen, you must reach out to all degrees of connections to see if what you have to offer is a fit for what they need. Here are a few ways you can engage with your connections:

1. Share Articles Of Interest On Your Page

Once you connect with your target audience, share articles on your page that may catch their eye, and make them want to engage in a conversation with you.

2. Don't Be Afraid To Reach Out Via In Mail

The biggest problem people can run into on LinkedIn is being shy. Don't be afraid to shoot an In Mail to someone that may be a potential fit for your business model, or even just to share an interesting article with them.

3. Create Content

Stay active on your LinkedIn profile. Nobody wants to be connected with someone that has a boring page, and does not engage with anybody else's posts. Share brief but informative posts, and when people engage on those posts, continue conversation with them.

4. Your Connections Lead To Even More Connections

Once you've made a connection with someone, you then have access to their connections as well. Use that to your advantage, and feel free to see if any of their connections may be a good fit for you. LinkedIn has a massive network and the opportunities to meet new business men and women are endless.

5. Showcase Your Skills

Most people make a LinkedIn account and totally bypass the Skills section of their profile. Be sure to list as many skills that you feel you have to your page.

6. Connect With People Who May Add Value

Don't waste time connecting with people that are of no value to you or your business model. Most people create their LinkedIn profile and immediately start sending out connections with no clear vision of who they are connecting with. Reaching out to your target audience specifically is much more beneficial in the long term.

7. Make Changes To Your Profile Often

Whether it's creating a new headline or updating a profile picture, constantly updating your profile will give people the idea that you are active within LinkedIn.

8. READ!

In the simplest form, just read. Read the articles and posts that your connections create or share. Along with just reading, be sure to leave a comment. Believe it or not, people want to hear your input when they post!

9. Catch The Eyes Of Connections

Use visuals like pictures or videos on your LinkedIn profile to catch the eye of connections scrolling through their feed. There are people who just like to read but also are people who enjoy visuals as they scroll through their timeline.

LinkedIn is a great place to be a social butterfly, stay active on your page daily and reap the benefits of doing so.