Here are some skills that you most likely already possess to help you succeed with social selling:

1. Adjust to New Situations

Speaking to new people can be uncomfortable and sometimes feel risky, but communication is the key to relationship-building on LinkedIn.

If you want to have success on LinkedIn, you need to step out of your comfort zone and send personalized messages and connection requests to potential clients.

2. Don't Forget Your Manners

Common sense and good manners go a long way. Remember to say please and thank you. Also, it is important to show gratitude when people engage with you and your posts.

3. You Need To Attempt New Things

You will not have success with LinkedIn if your profile sits inactive for years because you are afraid to make a mistake.If you make a mistake, own up to it, learn your lesson...and move the hell on!

4. Ask for Help

If you want to meet someone that you aren't connected to, ask someone in your network if they would be comfortable making an introduction for you.

5. Respect

You shouldn't post whatever you want on any social media platform. LinkedIn is not appropriate for every topic of discussion - it is a business platform...a place for professionals.

Before you post something, consider if it is something you would say right in front of a potential client. If you happen to get into a debate on a more sensitive topic, be professional, polite, and RESPECTFUL!

6. Cooperate

Collaboration is a powerful community and business building strategy. LinkedIn is an excellent platform to find and build relationships with people who you can benefit from collaborating with.

There are always people in your network who offer free products or services and they could become a great referral partner to you.

7. Offer to Help

Nothing makes a stronger and more real impression on somebody than when you give without the expectation of getting anything back in return. This can be as simple as sharing a great piece of content produced by someone in your network.

8. Ask Questions and Express Curiosity

Be curious and appear interested! Asking questions or commenting on the posts and comments of your connections is vital to starting a conversation. This is where real relationship building begins.

9. Tell Stories

While sharing personal information may not be appropriate on LinkedIn - it is an excellent place to share professional or work-related experiences.

Engaging storytelling makes people more interested and emotionally invested in what you are sharing. So if you can, draw your readers in with a real funny or thoughtful post that humanizes you and makes you more relatable and likable.

These practices will provide you with a solid foundation to initiate and build relationships with prospects, establish your credibility, and increase trust throughout your social selling activities!