LinkedIn is the largest business professional network in the world. Not only is LinkedIn used to promote business it is also used to connect with other industries that may be of relevance to your business in the future.

1. Create a company profile

The first thing your business should do is establish an internet presence by creating a LinkedIn profile. Be sure to add as much information about your business model as possible, but keep it brief.

2. Engage with your connections

Make sure to connect with as many people as possible that are relevant to your business and would make a good fit as a potential client. Building connections will position yourself to build relationships in your target industries, as well as grow your network.

3. Stay active, update frequently

Once your business profile is set up, it is important to stay active. A little interaction goes a long way in not only reminding contacts that you exist, but also that you're interested in them and what they're doing.

4. Be consistent and sound educated

The content you put on your LinkedIn profile should be written and managed the same way it would be on your company website. Everything that you post should be directly related to content that would be of interest to your current connections and people you may connect with in the future.

5. Create a group

Create a company-branded group for your clients and/or colleagues to make discussion about your industry. A private discussion group, which can be created and managed by your company, is an excellent way to get your name out there and recognized by potential customers.

6. Use LinkedIn's enhanced search tools

The LinkedIn advanced search tool can be used to find exactly the business or people that you want to connect with that fit your criteria of a potential customer or business partner.

7. Use your connections to your advantage

View the profiles of your connections frequently and see who they are connected with to identify potential leads. Often times your connections are part of a larger network that shares the same interests.

8. Explore LinkedIn's features

LinkedIn is a very powerful tool that can be used in many ways to increase your business considerably. The key to success is being able to maximize the features LinkedIn has to offer to improve your online presence.

If you have more questions about how LinkedIn can help you or your company, please feel free to give Power To Be Found a call.