Linkedin Social Media Marketing Strategy

In all social media, it is very important to plan your digital actions. On Linkedin, a social network focused on the relationship between companies and professionals, could not be different.

Knowing the potential of the tools at your disposal is essential to having good results. The Marketing on LinkedIn may be the best way to achieve your goals.

Considered to be a more serious social network than the others, LinkedIn currently has about 500 million users around the world. Its main focus is the corporate environment, facilitating networking and uniting people from professional ties.

Because of these characteristics, it is the most interesting social network for companies that seek to reach this public. LinkedIn has several benefits that can be decisive depending on your needs.

How about implementing marketing on LinkedIn in your strategy? Here are the top reasons to do this:

1. Reach a specific audience
Although Facebook and Instagram have a large number of users, these platforms do not have the same appeal as LinkedIn for the corporate environment. This is the focus of social networking and LinkedIn marketing becomes mandatory if your goal is to achieve that focus.

Marketing on LinkedIn allows your brand to be able to talk to the right audience, taking their goals into account with the digital medium.

2. Targeted Ads
Have you thought about advertising to people for a specific position? Or who work in companies of a particular sector or size? These options are quite attractive for advertising and are possible if you invest in paid media on LinkedIn.

The platform leverages the information you have about your users to target your ads. As the focus of social networking is in the corporate world, that’s where the potential of your sponsored content is.

3. Valuable for B2B Marketplace
Bringing your product to people in the right jobs is LinkedIn’s big asset and makes it the ideal resource for the B2B marketplace. Did you know that 80% of B2B lead come from LinkedIn?

Other statistics show the importance of having a marketing plan dedicated to this social network. On average, this audience consumes about 10% of the content until deciding on a purchase. In addition, 46% of the site traffic of these companies surveyed comes from LinkedIn.

Choosing the right marketing channels depends on your goals. LinkedIn is the best choice for anyone who is in the B2B environment and wants to impact people in the corporate world efficiently. These are very strong reasons for you to include LinkedIn marketing in your strategy, so make sure you consider that possibility.

Any organization, business or brand needs to be bold digital marketing. Therefore, in addition to Digital Planning, its activities should be oriented with the main strategies linked to this medium.

So it is important to follow some essential tips that will help in your success.

1- Have a professional page. Make sure that information such as contact and address is available on your page. In addition, you must have a link to the official website. The image on the profile should portray the company logo.

2- Use Showcases: they are extensions of your professional page. Designed to highlight a brand, business unit or initiative. In order to develop a good digital marketing strategy, develop showcases for each of the key aspects of your company (such as products and services).

3- Make sponsored ads: Just like on other social networks, Linkedin sponsored links are important for reaching new audiences and targeting your professional page. So it’s worth investing.

4. Produce relevant content: Make posts that appeal to your audience. Address issues related to what you want and crave for your brand. Use the Corporate Blog on your site and create texts. Share them on this social network with your fans. Everyone will like your pro-activity.

5- Watch your fans: watch what your followers do on your page. Which posts do you see the most, who they are and what attracts them the most. Through the “Analysis” tab, you will be able to observe the best metrics and measure the most relevant information and data.

We hope these tips will help your business, enterprise or business achieve the best results!

If you would like a specialized support to implement the linkedin marketing services and generate linkedin leads, you can count on our support. We are a fully specialized agency focused on results!

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