Lead Generation Ads on Linkedin

You’ve got a business to promote, but you want to make sure your ads are targeting the best audience: the consumers you hope to attract, the investors to help you grow, and the influential people and companies to spread brand awareness. But what exactly are Lead Generation Ads? And how do you use them effectively?

Lead Generation Ads are advertisements that generate interest in a product or company. In this case, “lead” refers to an increased awareness about your company, interest in supporting your company in some way, through buying your product or investing in your mission, or further promotion opportunities through business connections. Generating these leads can be tricky because people typically don’t like to feel like they’re being sold something. Consumers and fellow entrepreneurs are more likely to click on an ad if it genuinely appeals to their interests. This means content is the most important aspect of Lead Generation Ads, but the exceptional content isn’t effective if it doesn’t reach its intended audience. There are three ways LinkedIn supports Lead Generation Ads: sponsored content, text advertising, and sponsored InMail.

Sponsored content is native advertising, articles that explain a concept or product while subtly promoting your company. It is important to promote your company outright, but it can also be effective to reach out to consumers and investors by appealing to their interests and curiosity. With native advertising, readers are not always aware they are reading an advertisement; rather, this content, promoted by LinkedIn, focuses primarily on conveying information, only mentioning your company within the context of the article’s general concept.

Text ads are more upfront about their mission: they are clearly promoting a business or product, without the added content of the native advertisement. These ads are most effective when aimed at the correct audience, the people actively searching for the products or services you provide. For instance, if you run an IT company, you would want to advertise to other businesses that rely heavily on technology and are large enough to contract their IT needs to an outside company. Because those businesses are actively looking for a company like your own, they are significantly more likely to click on your text ads than start-up or low-tech businesses.

Finally, there are sponsored InMail, which is when you send personalized messages to individual LinkedIn users who match well with your company’s goal in some way. A personalized message feels less like an advertisement and more like a conversation. This is where content is key again: if you can connect to someone based on their individualized interests, they are more likely to engage with you and your company because you aren’t just interested in selling yourself, you are looking to invest in them as a person.

Hopefully, you now feel more aware of how to generate leads for your company through lead generation through linkedin, but you might be left wondering how you’re supposed to juggle all of this on top of actually running your business. This is where companies like Hop in Top come into play. While you ensure that your business is providing the best products and/or services possible, Hop in Top takes care of lead generation, revenue generation, and branding. Understanding how to market your business is important, but finding the time to do it yourself isn’t always possible. With Hop in Top, you can focus on ensuring the quality of your company and let Hop in Top do the rest.

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