About Us

Imagine having direct access to the market of your focus and all you need to do is introduce yourself. This is what linkedin brings to the table. A wealth of prospects at your finger tips. However, you can’t just reach out and say here are my products and services. Do you want to buy them? Instead you must create a relationship as you would in real life and then introduce your sales pitch softly.

There are tools that can make this all happen for you. In fact, the tools are so intuitive that they will also export the data so it can be used in other areas of marketing online such as re-marketing on google, facebook, display ads etc… How powerful is that? It is so powerful we called it Power Connector.

Power Connector connects you to your target market in LinkedIn. Easily identify your target market through sales navigator. Send LinkedIn connection requests with custom messaging. Continue messaging until the person reaches out. Then manually create the relationship.

It is a great way to develop LinkedIn leads for your business and is the most targeted way it can be done.  You will get hot leads every week in your linkedin inbox ready to talk about your services. Take them offline and onto a sales phone call to further the relationship and create the sale. Prospecting has never been easier than this. You decide who you want to talk to and already know quite a bit about them from their linkedin profile.