Gain Traffic Through Linkedin Marketing

Successful digital marketing comes down to 2 Very simple terms: traffic and conversions. But how does one make way through all the online hustle, to capture traffic and convert the leads into loyal customers or fans?

The best, and most overlooked sources of generating online traffic is LinkedIn. LinkedIn is filled with high-end business decision makers and a bunch of potential clients. The art is to get these people to your website.

We’re giving you 5 proven methods to drive much more than your usual traffic to your website using LinkedIn:

1. Create a strong profile:​ It’s not rocket science to understand the fact that a human’s eye is directed towards attractive things. The best way to start is
setting up a killer LinkedIn profile – one that is professional, meaningful and
complete. The more qualified you appear to be – the more interested your
audience will become to check your site.

2. Keep networking:​ A perfect LinkedIn profile will always have a lot of “First
degree” connections, these are the persons you accept as friends or
connections. The higher the number of First degree connections, the more clicks you are destined to receive on your website. The math is simple, the
more people you have at your LinkedIn profile, the more clicks you receive on your website. Your main Goal at First should be to have at lease 500 First degree connections and keep on growing from there.

3. Update your status and post articles:​ There’s always a direct correlation to your Profile activity and traffic received on your site. You are likely to receive more traction from your LinkedIn posts than the ones you post to Facebook or Twitter. The more articles you Share on LinkedIn, gives others more opportunity to see and engage with it, unlike Facebook or Twitter. It’s also a fact that leads received from LinkedIn are higher in quality, compared to any other social platform – that is mainly because of the highly-qualified people who sign up on LinkedIn. Set a goal to update your LinkedIn at least once a day, or even more, if it is good for your brand.

4. Join related groups: ​The best place to share your articles, posts or links is
within LinkedIn groups, that share the similar interest, as that of your business.
Some LinkedIn groups have more than half a million members on them. That gives you an opportunity to engage with a large audience and drive traffic towards your website.

5. Customize profile links:​ Create customized links on your profile.
Instead of using general links such as “my website” or “my blog”, provided by
LinkedIn, create unique “call to actions”, which directly tells your visitors to click them. A few examples for “call to action” links would be – “Increase
your traffic” or “Learn LinkedIn Marketing – Click Here”.

These are a few proven methods of generating high conversion rates using
LinkedIn, Gain traffic through linkedin marketing services  and boost your online business by a 200% margin.


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