Build A Strong Online Presence with Linkedin

Build A Strong Online Presence with LinkedIn

Social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest are no longer used exclusively for personal purposes. These social medias are now recognized by professionals and companies for their effectiveness in terms of Marketing Strategy. With more than 340 million users in 200 countries, LinkedIn stands as the global reference for professional social networks. The usefulness of this platform is that it makes your online presence dynamic, and gives you visibility on an international scale.

Why is it so important to build a strong online presence?

Facebook allows you to be in touch with your friends and family. However, as part of your profession policed, it is interesting, even essential, to register on a professional network. As a professional, you can find new partners, as a company, you can strengthen your brand, or connect to opinion leaders, recruiters or find future talents, etc.

If your online presence is not yet established, you might be missing some huge job opportunities.

What are the benefits of having a LinkedIn online presence?

Building a strong network

As professionals, it is often interesting to interact with other colleagues to have their feelings, to discuss on their insight on a subject, to have advice, or simply to hangout. With a strong and dynamic LinkedIn network, you can more easily get in touch with the person you are interested in through your direct contacts.

A showcase for your potential customers

If your potential customers have heard about you through an acquaintance, they will most likely perform some research on you on the internet before calling on you. The advantage of having a LinkedIn account is that, it appear on the first page on a search engine. It is therefore an important and a less expensive showcase for your activity. Take advantage, to inform on your records, and your news.

Low cost advertising for your business

You can leverage LinkedIn’s targeted advertising system to reach people who may be interested in your area of expertise. If you’re a columnist, lawyer, or writer, you’ll be able to target your customers to have content from your LinkedIn page. This could also improve the visibility of your website or blog, if any, and thus increase your traffic.

How to build a strong online presence with LinkedIn?

There are several reasons to build your image on professional social networks: Develop your network, promote content, boost the image of your company, prospect, and find a new job. But before starting, it is important to first define your professional goals, to determine your road-map, and the sustainability of your profile. For this, it is essential to answer the following questions: how do I want to be perceived? For which skills should I be recognized? What results  do I want to achieve? This will allow you to build a strong and consistent profile for you and your business. By spending about 30 minutes a week, you can achieve very good results over the long term.

With their wide range of targeting content, social networks are increasingly being used to build a strong online presence. Social media are even increasingly adapting their platforms to meet this need. Build A Strong Online Presence with linkedin marketing agency, there is almost 500 million connected people, who network daily on the frame of their profession, while developing their address book. Do not be left out!

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